Yongnuo Lens 60mm f/2 Macro

Yongnuo Lens 60mm f/2 Macro

Here come the first 60mm lens from Yongnuo, and also their first Macro lens (ratio 1:1). Named “YN60mm F2 MF”, this new lens is manual, and is Canon EF mount (probably a Nikon version later on).

This Yongnuo 60mm F/2 Macro fits logically inside the Yongnuo product line, between 50mm and 85mm, just like the Canon’s lens range.

Macros lenses are valuable because in addition to providing a magnification ratio of 1:1 (or more) when practicing macro photography, they are also generally gifted in other areas.

The macro lenses (Canon mounts) available on the market as of today are the following:

So, quite a lot of choices as you can see, ranging from 35mm to 105mm.

I deliberately omitted the Canon MP-E 65mm F/2.8 since it is very particular with its magnification up to 5X, and very demanding. Even if its price has fallen, it remains relatively high.

You will find below the first visuals of this new lens. We immediately notice the evolution of the Yongnuo lens design, since the 50mm F/1.8 II announced last week. I think that the direction taken is remarkable and it is clear that the quality seems to be improving.

We will of course wait for the first tests, because design does not make the product.

Small novelty, finished the USB port on the lenses, which was used to update the firmwares; quite practical, but rather unsightly. From now on, the lens firmware will be updated directly from the camera.

The focus ring is wide and placed in the center of the lens. As its name suggests, the Yongnuo 60mm f/2 MF is a manual lens. No auto-focus therefore, which can be restrictive, but on the other hand the price will be lower, compared to the specimens quoted above.

It can be challenging to use a manual lens but it is worth the try. It can only make you a better photographer, so don’t be afraid of manual lenses.

Specifications of the Yongnuo 60mm f/2 Macro

  • 60mm F/2 Macro MF (Manual)
  • Max ratio: 1:1
  • Lens structure: 9 groups / 10 elements
  • Diaphragm: 7 slats / blades
  • Minimum focus distance: 23cm
  • Filter diameter: 67mm
  • Size: 76mm x 115mm
  • Weight: 586g (1.3 lb)
  • Price: $320

Yongnuo therefore continues its momentum and broadens its range of lenses. We appreciate the direction taken, which now looks like a real thoughtful and sought-after range, and no longer pale copies of the Canon models as at the beginning. I personally can’t wait for this YN 60mm F2 lens.

What do you think of this lens? Have you ever tried macro photography? Tell us about it in comment.

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