2019 Yongnuo Flash YN-14EX-II (Macro)

2019 Yongnuo Flash YN-14EX-II (Macro)

The new macro ring flash from Yongnuo comes with four professional color temperatures filters. Filters colors are white, red, fluorescent green and warm yellow. The filters are magnetic so you can easily put them in place and remove them after use. The flash will also come with a transport case.

The first generation of the YN14EX was released on 2014. It was a great bargain, because the only viable macro ring light solution on the market at that time was the Canon MR 14EX and cost over $500.

Fortunately, Yongnuo sold its YN14EX for about $150. We realized that Canon was really making you pay premium prices. Yongnuo devices have always been under Canon devices, but still, for most non-professional photographers it was a super inexpensive alternative, which allow us to have a little bit of extra money to spend in a better lens, or another piece of photo equipment.

Today, Yongnuo announced a second version, the YN-14EX II. Let’s try to figure out what’s new on this model 5 years after the first one.

Please note:

Yongnuo has also a more expensive macro flash: the YN24EX. And it has similarity to the extremely high-end Canon MT-24EX. (It since have been replaced by an even more expensive MT-26EX)

Below is a photo comparison of the Yongnuo YN14EX and the new YN14EX-II:

Comparison Yongnuo Macro Flash YN14EX I and II
Comparison YN14EX vs YN14EX II – Front

We can directly see that there as some massive changes. The ring light kept the original circular shape, but the glass looks different. It will probably have a better CRI.

Another thing we can identify as very different is the flash head. The new YN14EX-II has a lot of assisting lights beams / AF Assist lamps

Let’s compare now the panel control of the two flashes:

Comparison Yongnuo Macro Flash YN14EX I and II - control panel

Comparison YN14EX vs YN14EX II – Control Panel

Specifications of the YN14EX II:

  • Release date: February 2019
  • Guide number: 14 (to be confirmed)
  • Modes: TTL and Manual (M)
  • LED AF Assist lamp
  • PC Sync interface
  • Filter diameters: 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm
  • Power: 4x AA batteries or external power source
  • Includes: 4 colored filters and transport case
  • Weight: 920g (32 oz)
  • Price: $130

You will find more official photos below.

We hope that this new YN14EX will bring a lot of new features.

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15 thoughts on “2019 Yongnuo Flash YN-14EX-II (Macro)

  1. I want to buy a ring flash YN-14 EX but cannot find one that works on my Nikon D7500 camera, only on Canon. Is there no type that works on my camera?

  2. I want to buy a ring flash YN-14 EX but cannot find one that works on my Nikon D300 and D500 cameras, only on Canon. Is there no type that works on my camera?

  3. Why I can find no compatibility-list? The old yn-14ex for example isn’t compatible with my EOS-R.

  4. i have one and when it is mounted in the camera the pictures are underexposed, even when a speedlight is fired directly into the lens, does anyone have the same problem?

  5. I have the old version of this ring flash, but it doesn’t work on my new camera. Does anyone know if the YN-14EX-II is compatible with the Canon 90D?

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