Flash Yongnuo YN-968N II (Nikon)

Flash Yongnuo YN-968N II (Nikon)

The YN-968 flash series is one of Yongnuo’s best sellers. The first version, which appeared at the end of 2017, was acclaimed by Nikonists, since it was a complete camera, sold around $150 and capable of being controlled by the YN-622 triggers.

Released at the end of 2019, this new version (YN968-II) brings its share of novelty, in a price that is always contained, compared to all the creative possibilities it offers.

The flash comes with its protective cover and mini stand, as well as a color filter for LED lighting. Indeed, the YN968N II, like its predecessor, has a continuous light, in addition to the flash.

YN968 II flash is equipped with high power LED light (the brightness can be adjusted, there is a built-in diffuser and color conversion filter for LED light).

It is compatible with YN622N (MASTER/SLAVE) and YN560 (SLAVE) wireless system.

It has a high guide number (GN60) which makes it a powerful flash, which should be enough for the largest number of photographers and videographers.

It is TTL (Nikon i-TTL) and can be used in Manual (M), Multi (Multi) and Group (Gr).

Its sync speed can reach 1/8000s.

Its Zoom has been improved, and still supports a focal length up to 200mm.

Its control interface has also been revised and simplified.

The YN968N II can be easily upgraded through its USB port. Simply download the latest firmware from our website here, and proceed with the software update by following the steps.

Features of the YN-968N II:

Here are some data about this new flash of the 968 family:

  • Mode: TTL, M, Multi, Gr
  • YN622N (Master/Slave) and YN560 (Slave) compatible
  • Guide number: 60 (ISO100, 200mm)
  • Recycling: 3s
  • Temperature: 5600K
  • Max speed: 1/8000s
  • Dimensions: 78 x 60.5 x 214mm
  • Weight: 445g
  • Price: about $150 (as of January 5th, 2021)

When YN968N II is used as the master unit, it can control and trigger a YN968N(II)/YN622N(II)/YN685N slave unit.

When YN968N II is set as YN622 (slave mode), it can receive a control or trigger signal from the master unit YN968N(II)/YN622N(II)/YN622N-TX, and can control a slave flash in TTL/M/Multi mode.

When YN968N II is set to YN560 (slave mode), it can receive a control or trigger signal from the YN560-TX (II)/RF603 (II)/RF605, and provides flash in M/Multi mode.

Pictures of Yongnuo YN968N II:

Here are the official photos of the YN-968 II flash model proposed by Yongnuo:

YN-968N II User Manual:

All the operating instructions are available on our dedicated page, for the sake of simplicity. We invite you to bookmark it and come back regularly so as not to miss the latest additions and translations.

You can find all the instructions and manuals here.

Firmware Update of the YN968N II

Firmware can be uptaded to bring a product up to date with new functionalities. In the case of Yongnuo products (Flashes, Lenses, etc.) it is often possible to update them using software and a downloadable file (the firmware).

You can find all the instructions as well as the latest Yongnuo firmware on our page specially created for the occasion. It happens here, on the Firmware page.

As of December 2020, Yongnuo has not yet provided any new firmware (other than the one delivered in the original product) for the YN968N II flash.

We invite you to keep the firmware page as a favorite and to come back every few months to check if a new version has been added.

The final word

If you wish to purchase this flash, please go through this Amazon affiliate link, which allows this site to live. Indeed, the site receives a small commission when you, the users, buy a product after clicking on our links. Of course this is completely transparent to you and does not increase the price of the product.

Last thing: Feel free to read the comments of the Yongnuo products on Amazon.com. This allows you to get a lot of feedback and opinions on the use of the lenses and flashes (or any other product).

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