After a YN450 announced in 2018 that never came out, except a few unit on the grey market in China, Yongnuo announced an updated version of its mirrorless camera thingy, the YN450M.

So what’s new?

Well, pretty simple. The main difference is the mount. The YN450 already had a micro 4/3 sensor, but weirdly embedded a Canon EF mount.

The new YN450M have the same 16MP micro four third sensor, but is now packed with a micro 4/3 mount.

It looks like this is the only difference, unfortunately.

We would have loved to see more RAM (3GB), more storage (32GB), and more than ever a more recent Android Version (Android 7.1 serisouly?).

Features of the YN450M:

  • Mount: Micro 4/3 (MFT)
  • Sensor: CMOS 4/3 16Mpx
  • Front Sensor: 8Mpx
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Storage
  • Data: 2G/3G/4G
  • Wifi: 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz
  • Display: 5″ multi touch 1080p
  • Android: 7.1 ???
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Size: 127mm x 87mm
  • Price: 1800 YUAN (235€ / $255 USD)

Of course, this won’t become a best seller and won’t event reach many market, but this is a nice try from Yongnuo.
Some choices are questionnable, but a finished product have been made, even if it took longer and even if the YN450M is not perfect.

Remember that Yongnuo also tried another product called YN43, that was the same idea that the YN450 family but without the display/screen part.

You can watch Linus Tech Tips funny video about the YN450M here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_rrD_agCUo

2 thoughts on “YONGNUO MIRRORLESS CAMERA YN450M (Updated)

  1. This seems interesting!
    I remember the YN43, my thought was that it was to slow. But this new model, I like a lot and I would like to use it. To be honest this is exactly what I want, a hybrid camera that has a modifiable software and a EF mount. And when I found out that the sensor is made by Panasonic, I want it even more, as that is my all-time favorite tech company.

    Much luck to your journey!

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