Test Flash Yongnuo YN685

Test Flash Yongnuo YN685

The Yongnuo YN-685 flash (released in September 2015) is one of Yongnuo’s high-end flashes. Available in Canon and Nikon version, it costs about $100. This is a TTL flash (E-TTL for Canon / i-TTL for Nikon).

Presentation of the YN685

The YN-685 is the first Yongnuo flash to have a built-in a YN-622 radio transceiver. This saves space and money because it is no longer necessary to add a YN-622 trigger under the flash. This is an automatic flash (TTL), i.e. the exposure (flash power) will be calculated automatically.

You can also switch the flash to manual (M) or multi (MULTI) mode for strobe flash use. Remember that this flash cannot be used as a master flash (it cannot control other flashes).

Flash YN685 front and back

We also notice the appearance of a selection wheel, more practical and faster to use than the old key system. Also note the addition of a “QR code” on the label under the head of the flash. This was suppose to link to the PDF manual, but unfortunately did not work for me (it redirect me the the home page in Chinese).

This flash can interact with the following triggers (transmitters / receivers): YN-622C-TX, YN-622C / YN-622C II, YN-560-TX, YN-560 IV, RF-605 and RF-603 II.

When used with a YN-622C-TX (or YN-622N-TX if using the Nikon version) you can control the majority of settings (exposure, sync, power and zoom) from the Nikon.

If you need power, this flash should suit you since it has a high guide number (GN) of 60@ISO100, 200mm. (Only the YN-660 is more powerful with a guide number of 66, but it’s a manual flash).

Unboxing YN685

As often (always?) with Yongnuo, the flash comes with a protective/transport cover, as well as a very practical mini foot to position the flash on a table for example (and not having to use a dedicated tripod).

Let’s go back a little more deeper on the possibilities offered by the different triggers and transmitters and the YN-685 in slave mode.

Used with a YN-622 or YN-622 TX, it will be possible to control virtually everything.
Used with a YN-560-TX or YN-560 IV, it will be possible to trigger the flash, adjust the power (1/1 – 1/128), control the zoom and the groups.
Used with an RF-605, it will be possible to trigger the flash and manage groups.
And finally, used with an RF-603 or RF-603 II it will only be possible to fire the flash.

At the end there is plenty of solutions, everything will depend on which Yongnuo products you already own:

  • YN-685 (slave) + transmitters YN-622
  • YN-600EX-RT (master / slave) + transmitters YN-E3-RT

This YN685 flash is still a great product, even today (mid 2018). Think carefully about your need, ask yourself the following question: “what functionality do I need” before you go for it. Yongnuo is starting to have a really complete range of flashes, so there is a chance that they have what you are looking for.

Characteristics of the Yn-685:

  • Product name: YN-685
  • Guide number (GN): 60
  • High Speed Synchro (HSS): 1/8000s
  • Coverage (zoom): 20-200mm
  • weight: 426g (0.93 lb)
  • Price: $100

If you want to update your flash firmware, in order to get the latest features and bug fixes, please download it from our firmware page. It is updated regularly and you will find all firmware for every Yongnuo products.

Useful info:

For more information, I invite you to read Amazon comments.
That’s really useful most of the time before making a purchase decision.
If you want to buy this product, thanks for using the following affiliate link, it will help me grow this blog.

5 thoughts on “Test Flash Yongnuo YN685

    1. No, there is no MASTER function on the flash.
      If you are using a trigger to fire the flash, off camera, then this will trigger unto 10 flash units..
      But there is no optical triggering , only slave function.

  1. Hi,
    I have recently tried to use the YN685N with Nikon Z5 and it seems iTTL is not functional. It only works on Manual mode. This is the same when using the 622 trigger, it does not sync beyond 1/200 camera shutter speed.
    Is there any plans on releasing a firmware update to enable functionality.
    I love this flash on my D750, and it works fine on iTTL mode on that camera, both on camera and off camera using 622N trigger.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

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