Yongnuo 50mm F/1.8 Sony (E-mount)

Yongnuo 50mm F/1.8 Sony (E-mount)

Finally, Yongnuo announces several E-mount lenses (for Sony cameras), the 50mm f/1.8 as well as the 85mm f/1.8.

Let’s start by talking about the first lens: the 50mm F1.8S DA DSM (the 85mm F/1.8S DF DSM can be found here).

Moreover, we can notice a new logo/name on the Yongnuo lenses: YnLens.

This is the first Yongnuo lens for Sony APS-C cameras with an E-mount. The construction seems better than the others 50mm F/1.8 from Yongnuo (for Canon and Nikon) which are starting to date.

The lens is autofocus, with a stepping motor called DSM (Digital Stepping Motor). Canon calls this motor STM and Nikon AF-P.

The lens has been officialized in April 2020, and already available on Chinese dealer websites but also on Amazon U.S.

The lens hood is included, although basic, it’s always a pleasure.

The 50mm f/1.8S DA DSM is an almost direct competitor to the Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS for more than half the price.

The USB port will allow you to update the firmware, using a cable and software. You can find the latest firmware on our dedicated page.

Specifications of the Sony YN50mm F/1.8:

  • Focal length : 50mm
  • Lens Structure : 7 groups / 8 elements
  • Diaphragme: 7 blades
  • Minimale Aperture : F/16
  • Mount: E-mount (Sony)
  • Magnification : 0,14X
  • System: DTM (Digital Stepping Motor)
  • Diameter : 49mm
  • Dimensions : 64mm x 58mm
  • Firmware: USB port
  • Weight : 146g
  • Price: around $200

Official pictures YN50 F/1.8 DA DSM

Here are some official pictures of the YN50mm f/1.8 Sony and its E-mount provided by Yongnuo:

Photo quality of the YN50mm f/1.8 DA DSM:

You can find below some links with a lot of pictures in many different situations, so you can appreciate the quality of the Sony Yongnuo 50mm Yongnuo.

For more pictures taken with the YN50mm F/1.8S DA DSM look at this Flickr gallery from Sony Alpha Blog.

Also find this advanced test with a raw photo gallery from radojuva.

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