Yongnuo 35mm F/1.4 DF UWM (Ultrasonic)

Yongnuo 35mm F/1.4 DF UWM (Ultrasonic)

Yongnuo announced a new 35mm f/1.4 lens for Canon cameras called YN35mm F/1.4 DF UWM. This new 35mm lens “DF UWM” is Ultrasonic. UWM  stands for Ultrasonic Wave Motor. The Canon Equivalent is USM (Ultrasonic Motor).

This is the fourth 35mm lens from Yongnuo, after the 35mm f/2C,the 35mm f/1.4C, and the 35mm f/2N.

comparison between the YN35mm f/1.4 and the YN35mm F/1.4 DF UWM
Comparison between the YN35mm F/1.4 and the YN35mm F/1.4 DF UWM

Any Difference?

Nothing much to add on this lens, it look like the previous 35mm f/1.4, and just add the ultrasonic motor and a USB port to update the firmware. By the way, be sure to check out our firmware page to get the latest Yongnuo firmware.

This updated lens will be for sure quieter than the previous non-ultrasonic model. And this will be probably the main feature of this new 35mm f/1.4 model.

Form factor seems really similar and not much differences can be spot by looking at the above picture.

Yongnuo lenses are known to be quite noisy, so this is a great news that they start to manufacture Ultrasonic lenses. 

Specifications of the YN35mm F/1.4 DF UWM:

  •     Focal length : 35mm
  •     Lens Structure : 9 groups / 11 elements
  •     Diaphragme: 7 blades
  •     Minimale Aperture : F/22
  •     Mount: Canon
  •     Magnification : 0,15X
  •     System: Ultrasonic Wave Motor
  •     Diameter : 67mm
  •     Dimensions : 82mm x 111mm
  •     Weight : 700g
  •     Price: ~$400 (estimation)

Official photos of the new Yongnuo YN35mm F/1.4 DF UWM lens:

Yongnuo gave the following MTF Graph and Lens Structure Diagram:

MTF Graph YN35mm f/1.4 DF UWM
MTF Graph of the Yongnuo YN35mm f/1.4 DF UWM Canon

Yongnuo should release this new lens Q4 2019 for a price still unknown, but it should be close the the price of the non ultrasonic version.

Are you interested in this lens? Or is it too close to the other 35mm f/1.4 and USM motor is not enough to justify the purchase?

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