Flash Yongnuo YN-968N (Nikon)

Flash Yongnuo YN-968N (Nikon)

A new Yongnuo flash specially designed for our Nikonist friends: The YN-968N.

Released in summer 2017, it is now part of the Yongnuo beasts, these TTL cobra flashes above $150 and with a GN of 60 and which integrate the Yongnuo wireless trigger systems (YN-622 in this case).

This YN-968N is massive. It is imposing and looks really solid.

Please note: The article is old, and a newer version of this flash (YN968N II) is now available.

A little extra is the addition of an LED light for videos (continuous light). Indeed, this feature will allow you to find an accent or modelling light for your photos or videos. And in the worst case, it could help you find your keys. Some users even use it for macro photography, not a bad idea.

Specifications of the YN968N:

The YN-968N has a few intereting features like the trigger YN622 compatibilities and the LED light.

  • Mode: TTL, M, Multi
  • Guide number: 60 (ISO100, 105mm)
  • Compatible with YN622 triggers
  • Recycling: 3s
  • Temperature: 5600K
  • Speed: 1/200s to 1/20000s
  • Weight: 435g
  • Price: $132 (as of 01/05/2021)

Official photos of the YN968N:

YN968N Firmware Updates:

Finally, if you want to update your flash to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes, go to the firmware page, where you can find the latest firmware for all Yongnuo products.

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