List of all Yongnuo Flashes

List of all Yongnuo Flashes

You will find below every flashes sold by Yongnuo. The list is updated as soon as new products are announced, so be sure to come back often and check the latest flashes products from Yongnuo. Many flashes from Yongnuo can be updated, so be sure to check the firmware page to get the latest features for your flash.


Series 900

YN-968N II (Nikon)Jul. 202060TTL445gEnavailability
YN-968C (Canon)Jul. 201860TTL435gEnavailability
YN-968N (Nikon)Jul. 201760TTL435gEnavailability
YN-968EX-RTjan. 201760TTL435gEnavailability

Series 800

YN-862 CanonDec. 202060TTL445gEnsoon
YN-860LiDec. 201760M404gEnavailability

Series 700

YN-720Apr. 201860M417gEnavailability

Series 600

YN-686EX-RTJun. 201760TTLEnavailability
YN-685 II CanonSep. 202060TTL426gEnavailability
YN-685 NikonSep. 201560TTL426gEnavailability
YN-685 CanonSep. 201560TTL426gEnavailability
YN-680EX-RTSep. 201860TTL436gEnsoon
YN-660Apr. 201666MEnavailability
YN-650EX RFSep. 202060TTL430gEnavailability
YN-600EX-RT IIFeb. 201760TTL430gEnavailability
YN-600EX-RTJan. 201560TTL430gEnavailability

Series 500

YN-585EX PentaxJan. 201758P-TTLEnavailability
YN-568EX III NikonJan. 201858TTL430gEnavailability
YN-568EX III CanonFeb. 201858TTL350gEnavailability
YN-568EX IIAug. 201358TTL575gEnavailability
YN-568EXJul. 201358TTLEnavailability
YN-565EX III NikonAug. 201858TTLavailability
YN-565EX III CanonJul. 201858TTLEnavailability
YN-565EX IIApr. 201458TTL380gEnavailability
YN-565EXJul. 201158TTL380gEnavailability
YN-560Li (Lithium)Jul. 201858M393gEnavailability
YN-560 IVNov. 2014
YN-560 IIIApr. 201358M350gEnavailability
YN-560 IISep. 201258MEnavailability
YN-560Jun. 201158MEnobsolete

Series 400

YN-468 IIJun. 201233TTL250gEnavailability
YN-468Jul. 201033TTLobsolete
YN-467Apr. 201033TTL250gobsolete
YN-465Sep. 201033TTL245gobsolete
YN-460 II200938M260gavailability
YN-460Jul. 200933M250gobsolete

Ring Flash

YN-24EXMar. 201724TTL998gEnavailability
YN-14EX II201914TTLEnavailability
YN-14EXJan. 201414TTL420gEnavailability
MR-58Mar. 201212M360gEnavailability

Phone Flash

YN128Sep. 20177.6W-940gEnavailability
YN06Mar. 20163.7W-30gEnavailability

You are in the right place if you are looking for a flash for your Canon or Nikon camera. Yongnuo manual flashes are often also compatible with Pentax and Olympus cameras. 

Yongnuo flashes are among the best price-quality ratio in the market. Save up to hundreds of dollars compared to high end models from top brand Canon and Nikon.